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When it comes to protecting your business in Gatton, having a comprehensive security system in place is essential. CCTV cameras and intrusion alarm systems are two of the most important tools for keeping your business safe. CCTV cameras can be used to monitor and record activity inside and outside of your business, while intrusion alarm systems can alert you if someone tries to enter your premises without permission. CCTV cameras and intrusion alarm systems are important for business security in Gatton.

Another type of commercial security system available in Gatton and also used across Queensland is an alarm system (intrusion system). This includes sensors that detect when someone has opened a door, window, or other access point or more advanced features like perimeter beams. These alarms will usually sound an audible signal, alerting you and/or the authorities of an intrusion. Some alarm systems can even be linked to monitoring centers so that they can be monitored 24/7.



  • Commercial Artificial Intelligence Systems Gatton, QLD

    AI CCTV Cameras

    Commercial AI CCTV security cameras are an essential part of any business security system in Gatton or anywhere in QLD. Artificial Intelligence Cameras help to monitor activity around your business and can even alert you when someone or even a specific vehicle is on your property or trying to gain access. This extra layer of protection can help to deter burglars, staff dishonesty and client theft, improving your bottom line.

  • Rural and Housing Estate Wireless CCTV Systems  Gatton, QLD

    Wireless Systems

    Are you a Gatton resort, hotel, aged care manager, manage a housing estate in Gatton, or have a large rural property, we can help with our advanced wireless systems. Wireless CCTV for large rural or housing estates is not only a crucial component for enhancing safety, it makes the impossible, possible. Wireless CCTV systems are engineered to monitor activities, deter unauthorised access, and provide real-time alerts. 

  • Commercial Access Control and Alarms   Gatton, QLD

    Intrusion Control

    For enhanced business security in Gatton, consider a commercial alarm system that's monitored with dual SIM, controllable via app, and capable of being set up as an access control system. These systems are popular for their comprehensive abilities, like, allowing remote management, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity, and facilitating access control. Such systems can range from straightforward to sophisticated setups, based on your needs.


Crime in Gatton

In Gatton Queensland Commercial Security couldn't be more important with a population of 7,101 people and a crime rate in Queensland of 23.919382835101%. This shows on average you are surrounded by and could be affected by up to or more than 1,699 offences per year and 661 more serious criminal offences (based on state averages). Did you know that Queensland had around 1,240,220 reported offences in 2021-22, 482,695 were reported as a more serious criminal offence, with a population of 5,185,000 people. This means in Queensland out of 1,000 people, 239 people could be affected by an offence, and 93 people could be affected by a more serious criminal offence.(please note that the government data is increasinly hard to get and decipher, so some statistics are taken from averages or extrapolated from other data, and should only be used as a guide.)

Home Security Systems Gatton


Commercial Security Systems - Gatton

In Gatton Commercial Security Systems have never been so important, with the ever present crime around Gatton, and in fact right across Queensland, it’s hard to run a business with so much theft and employee issues. We can help you though, with great quality CCTV security cameras, Intrusion alarm systems, and even access control for your premises so you only let in the people you want to.

At OzSpy we have been helping business owners and companies around the Lockyer Valley area, and Queensland with great quality Commercial security systems since 1998. We know people want great quality  when they make a purchase, so we always do our best to deliver on quality and value to all of our clients.

At OzSpy we won’t let you down when you need us, which is why we are one of the largest surveillance franchise companies in Australia.


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About Gatton - Queensland

Gatton is located in Queensland, Gatton has (at the time of the census data used) a population of around 7,101, a median income of $27,040.00, and is located within the local Government area of Lockyer Valley , QLD. Gatton sits at an elevation of 111meters, and is located at latitude -27.5658 and longitude 152.27279.

Suburbs sharing the same postcode Gatton, Mount Sylvia, Woodbine, Caffey, Ringwood, Fordsdale, Vinegar Hill, Ropeley, Rockside, Ingoldsby, Black Duck Creek, East Haldon, Lefthand Branch, Upper Tenthill, Woodlands, Placid Hills, Lake Clarendon, Adare, Lower Tenthill, Spring Creek, Morton Vale, College View, Junction View.



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